Leveling Up

Aside from the monetary costs detailed here, characters must also accumulate a certain number of experience points to attain the next level as detailed in the PHB.

Advancement in this campaign is an expensive endeavor costing the character a considerable amount of money. Once a character has accumulated enough experience points to advance a level she/he must seek out a teacher/instructor or school which is willing to school him/her in the skills necessary to advance a level. Under most circumstances the cost of advancement is borne by the character, and the sum can be considerable at higher levels. The cost of training and amount of time required to train is dependent on three factors. The type of character, the players performance in the campaign (i.e. role playing of the character), and the level the character is advancing to. The formulae below can be used to calculate these costs and times:

  • The players game play/role-playing performance is rated on the following scale. With a numerical multiplier list along with the rating:
    • E – Excellent, few deviations from norm. Definitive role playing, enhances the game in many ways = 1
    • S – Superior, deviations minimal but noted. A role for others to emulate often contributes positively = 2
    • F – Fair performance, more norm than deviations. The typical player. unremarkable performance = 3
    • P – Poor showing with aberrant behavior. Causes distractions and dissent. Uses player knowledge = 4
    • H – Horrible, no worthwhile role playing attributes. Contributes negatively by dragging down others = 5
  • Multiply the level the character is attempting to achieve by the performance multiplier. This is the number of 10 day weeks that the character must spend in training. Training is typically carried out on weekdays only. With rest days left for the characters leisure, study, or practice.
  • The cost of training is determined by multiplying the LEVEL by CLASS COST by NR of WEEKS. (round down when fractions are involved). The CLASS COST is obtained from the chart below. A character with a prestige class is considered to be a character of the basic class type for advancement costs. A multi-class character calculates cost and number of weeks as if they were the class type that they are attempting to advance in.
  • Cleric/Monk = 200gp
  • Fighter/Barbarian = 100gp
  • Magic User/Sorcerer = 300gp
  • Rogue/Bard = 200gp
  • Ranger/Paladin = 200gp

The cost and time required to train can be reduced in the following manner. If a character goes through two adventures in order to accumulate enough experience points to go up a level, then the cost and time associated with training are halved. It is up to the DM to determine the number of adventures that a character has gone through for these purposes. A character who goes on a one day outing has not completed an adventure. A character who succeeds in, and returns from a one year epic adventure may be considered to have completed three adventures. If a character goes through three adventures the cost is reduced again by half. Under no circumstances may successive adventures reduce the cost or time associated with training below the base cost. As if the character gained a performance rating of 1.

Here then is an example of calculating the cost in time/money for advancement of a character.

Thanghar the brave (A fighter) has completed a year long quest to recover the chalice of peace and hope for the church of Ilmater. Afterwards he finds that he has enough experience points to go up a level. He contracts with the local fighters guild to train him for advancement to the next level. 1st we must rate the player performance. Although Vincent has played Thanghar in a superior manner the DM decides to rate his performance as fair since he was absent for several meetings. Choosing to go drinking with his buddies rather than play his character. Hey every one else showed up. But playing the game just wasnʼt that much of a priority to him. Whereas Warren showed up to every meeting even though he doesnʼt have a clue as to what role playing is. O.k. Weʼve given Thanghar a 3 performance multiplier. He is advancing to 5th level. 3×5 = 15 weeks. Training will take 15 weeks. And it will cost 5 (level) x 100 (class cost) x 3 (performance factor) = 1,500gp. Luckily the cost and time are divided by 2 due to the fact that the DM has ruled that Thanghar has gone through two adventures. The quest to recover the Chalice of Hope & Peace did take a long time. So: 1,500 / 2 = 750gp and 7.5 Weeks. Thanghar packs his things and prepares for the torture heʼll have to endure at the hands of those merciless mercenaries at the fighter guild.

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Leveling Up

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